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A Cycling Café? Does it mean there will be space for my bike?

One of the goals that excites us the most is becoming a meeting point for people with affection for bicycles. If you are one of them you will definitely enjoy the opportunity to pump up your tires, to fix a flat tube or to use the tools available in the DIY bike corner. In our shelves you will find bicycle-related literature. In addition to that you will be welcome to attend various events, workshops and lectures related to the world of cycling.

And more - we will be showing the season’s most important bicycle racing competitions (road cycling and other disciplines) on a huge screen. And, of course, you will be encouraged to come with your bike and park it here.

Seems like a dream, right? Stay tuned, there is more.

We want to be a place providing environment for learning, discovering and generating new ideas. Therefore we will invite people and groups that would have something to say and share in any field of the cycling culture with our cycling community. So if there is any way you could contribute or if you know someone who could, please get in touch with us. We are in the process of preparing the events calendar and we would be very glad to receive your suggestions.