You are here, so you must like bicycles, good coffee or in the best-case scenario both. If you are not fond of any of these two things, you must be lost and maybe looking for this.

If it is not the case, you are welcome to La Bicicleta Cycling Café & Workplace, the webpage of the first café of cycling theme and content in Madrid.

But…what is it actually about?

As you could imagine, our place originates in the passion for bicycles, art and coffee in equal parts. And that's where our main ambition comes from – we want to become a place that has a concept, a soul and a strong personality. A place that invites you to come in and stay (for a long while) and to come back (many times). To make all of this happen we have trusted in our taste and experience for creating a cozy place, our care for coffee and our special attention for details like food being healthy and homemade. There is no doubt that comfy sofas and large windows giving lots of natural light will help too.